My Reviews on T.S. Grewal's Class XI (Financial Accounting) (Edition 2020)

In Class XI Accountancy two books are very famous amoung the students :

  1. TS Grewal

  2. DK Goel

Here, I will be sharing my comments on latest edition of TS Grewal 2020. I will be comparing the previous edition ie. 2019 with latest edition 2020.

Due to impact of Covid 19 latest edition of TS Grewal is not easily available in the market. So, you will get to know what changes are there new editions. Do you really need to buy the new one?

Let's compare the index of both editions.

Index Edition 2019 (Left) & 2020 (Right)

You can Compare the Index. The total number of chapters in old edition (left) and in new editions (Right) are same. Only one new topic is added ie. Case-based/ Source-based Integrated Questions.

If you see deeply there is no change in any chapter except Chapter - 8, 9, 10, 11, 18 & 19.

Even in Chapter - 8, 9, 10 & 11 author has not made any big change. They have just removed GST questions from respective chapters and created a new chapter name "Accounting of Goods and Services tax". And in Chapter- 18 & 19 only two or three questions changed. So not a major change.

In my opinion if you don't have any budget problem and book is available in your market then you should buy a new book. Otherwise you may also manage with old editions 2019.

The MRP of old edition 2019 was Rs. 610 and new edition 2020 Rs. 645.

I have purchased the new edition (2020) recently few days back from my near by book store at Rs. 600.

I hope my above comments will help you in making decision. If you really like my this blog then please share this with your friends.

Thank you

Happy Learning!

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